Sewing Machine Zone

Brother's First Home Sewing Machine
Type 15 Model 70 (1932)

Jitsuichi Yasui, one of the founding brothers, succeeded in the mass production of shuttle hooks, the heart of a home sewing machine, for the first time in Japan and earned large revenue. Taking this opportunity, they worked more closely with each other to realize their long-cherished dream of developing a home lockstitch sewing machine, and completed the first “Type 15 Model 70”. It was after 11 years since Masayoshi Yasui, the eldest of them, had aspired to manufacture Japanese-made sewing machines. The “Type 15 Model 70” was designated as part of the “Heritage of Industrial Modernization” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2007 as a product that tells the story of the footsteps of the machine industry in the Chubu district, the core manufacturing area in Japan.